Certified Welding

Certified Welding

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WHAT IS IT?:Learn Welding, Practice Welding, Make Projects and Meet Welding Experts in the Las Vegas area.  

WHERE?:Certified Welding’s Shop (2550 N. Nellis Blvd. #A, Las Vegas, NV 89115)

WHEN?:EVERY Thursday Night 6pm - 10pm  in 2014

WHY?:We do it because it’s the right thing to do. This is how ideas and connections happen. Don't be one of those guys who keep all their skills, tips, and secrets to themselves. Come see the best of the best. Come and be the best of the best!

HOW MUCH?:FREE …. Seriously, it’s free… for as long as we can stand to give it away.

FOR WHO?:Anybody and Everybody interested in welding, improving their skills and connecting with others who feel the same.  

Welding Inspectors in Las Vegas

Pedro Chavez
(702) 658-4449
CWI, UT, MT, PT, Welder Qualifications, Fabrication Audits
Thomas D. Helm
(702) 418-9719
Thomas Helm is a Clark County, NV Approved welding inspector. Over 25 years of experience in this field. He is very well respected for many reasons, including his attention to detail and his understanding of all weld processes. Tom is always available to discuss Structural Failure Repairs
(AWS D1.8 & AISC 341-10)
Bryan Talley
(702) 985-9528
ICC Certified:Structural Steel, Welding, Bolting, Masonry, Reinforced Concrete, PT Concrete, Fireproofing.
Certified Level 2: UT, MT, PT
Seth Dilles
(702) 354-5883
International Code Council (ICC) Special Inspector Cert's: *Master of Special Inspection *Structural Welding *Structural Steel and Bolting *Spray-Applied Fireproofing *Reinforced Concrete *Pre-Stressed/Post-Tensioned Concrete *Structural Masonry American Welding Society *Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) American Society for Non-Destructive Testing *Level II-VT American Concrete Institute *Field Tech Grade I International Rope Access Trade Association *Level I